frequently asked questions

Please take time to read through our Frequently Asked Questions page, especially if this is your dog’s first professional groom. Not only will it provide you with some very useful information regarding the wellbeing of your dog, it will also offer peace of mind regarding the care that will be taken when you use Paw Prints Grooming Studio.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

This will depend on what kind of dog you have, not just their breed but also their lifestyle.

In our experience we have found that dogs that have their coats clipped should come into the studio every 6-8 weeks for restyling. We recommend that this be alternated with a maintenance bath every 3-4 weeks.

Dogs that are double coated, will drop their coats at different times but coming in to the studio every 3 months will help shift coat build up and help them prepare for the changes in seasons.

Of course, some dogs are big shedders or love getting dirty, so a visit to the groomers every 3-4 weeks will make looking after your dog at home much easier!

Once your dog comes to the studio we will be able to get to know him or her and create a schedule that works for you both.


Do I stay with my dog or leave him/her with you?

Due to the fact that our studio is based at our home, we are unable to let anyone stay with their pet during their grooming session. However, we treat every dog as if they were our own so you can be guaranteed they will be in safe, kind and competent hands and will be treated with the utmost care.

Once we have met your dog and assessed the grooming session type needed we will be able to provide you with a timescale which will then let you plan your free time. We will take your contact details and call or text you as soon as your dog is ready so that you can come and pick them up from the studio.

at what age can I bring my puppy to you?

We can welcome your puppy for grooming one week after they have had their vaccinations and are able to go out for their walks. This is usually from 12 weeks of age.

Experience tells us that it is always better to bring your puppy as soon as possible as they go through their 'no fear' stage whilst growing up, this usually lasts until they are around 20 weeks old.

As detailed on the 'Grooming Services' page, we offer a free, complete 'Puppy Familiarisation' service during which we will introduce him or her to the sights, sounds and smells of the studio.

can I cut my own dogs nails?

Dog's nails do not need clipping on a regular basis, especially if your dog is walked on the pavement. The pavement acts like a natural nail file and keeps the nails short. Dogs that are walked regularly on grass however will need some attention approximately every 2 months.

It is possible to trim the nails at home, however, it would be advisable to have this done professionally at a grooming studio. There is a vein that runs through the middle of the nail called the quick, and it is possible clip the nail too far and cause it to bleed.

How often should I bathe my dog?

In between professional grooming sessions you should only need to bath your dog three to four times a year. However, we all know that sometimes it is unavoidable when your dog has been playing in the biggest, muddiest puddle in the park and is covered in dirt!. If this is the case then when bathing your dog always use a mild dog shampoo, ensuring that the coat is thoroughly rinsed. We at Paw Prints will be more than happy to recommend products that will be suitable for your dog.

Can I pluck my dogs ears myself?

Some breeds of dog grow hair inside the ear. It is possible that this can cause an ear infection if not removed on a regular basis. Tending to your dogs ears is a service we offer at Paw Prints and we would recommend that this is always done professionally.

What else do you offer?

We are constantly researching new products and treatments to offer your dog. Here at Paw Prints we pride ourselves on offering a professional service and attend education programs throughout the year to keep current with the latest trends, equipment and procedures.

So far, we are able to offer the following as separate services:

  • Eye trimming
  • Hygiene trimming
  • Nail clipping

We can also provide paw and nose waxing and conditioning treatments for dogs that need it.